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Decoration Methods

There are many ways to apply your logo to an item, but there are also many limitations. The good news is that you don't have to choose! Gebo Promo will evaluate your design and the product you'd like to put it on to recommend the decoration method that works best for you.

Full Color Process

With a full color imprint, the sky is the limit! If you have a photograph that you'd like to use, or if you have a lot of colors in your logo, this is the decoration method we might recommend for you. Depending on the item, your imprint is either printed directly on it, is dye sublimated, or is applied with a transfer method.


Most flexible to design.

Eye catching.


Limited availability. (Although with increased technology, full color imprints are being offered on more items than ever before.)

Sometimes comes at an additional cost or set up.

Screen Printing

This is the imprint method commonly used on tshirts, where ink is passed through a screen. The pricing is often structured by how many colors are used in your design.


Crisp imprint.

Most likely to be color accurate.

More affordable for large orders.


Cost increases with each color used.

There are often additional set up costs.

Pad Printing

A stamp is made of the imprint, ink is applied, and then pressed into the surface of the item. Due to the 3D surface of most promotional products, this is a very popular decorating method.



Adapts well to uneven or non-flat surfaces.


The number of colors that can be used in a single design is limited.

Artwork needs to be formatted to work with pad printing. (This is where Gebo Promo excels. Our specific knowledge of designing for promotional products will make this a non-issue.)


Often used on bags, caps, and apparel, this is where the design is stitched into the fabric.


Long lasting.

High perceived value.


Detail can be limited.

Limited by thread colors (although there are many).

Embossing, Debossing, and Foil Stamping

Embossing and debossing are often used interchangeably. An embossed design is raised off of the surface, a debossed design is pressed into it. Sometimes a metallic foil can be added to the stamp for an extra affect.


Higher perceived value.

Unique effects.


No colors are usually used unless foil is applied.

Artwork needs to be formatted to work well with this method. (When Gebo Promo designs the artwork with this decoration in mind, this imprint method can really pop.)

Laser Engraving

Typically used on glass, metal, and some plastics, the imprint is etched out of the surface of the item.


Higher perceived value.

Long lasting.


No color.

Artwork needs formatted. (Again, when we design an imprint for engraving, it can give you an heirloom quality product.)

This is just an overview of some of the standard imprint methods. One of the amazing things about promotional products is the technology that's introduced every day to make decorating items more versatile. We stay on top of those industry trends to make sure you get the highest quality product and imprint no matter your budget.

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