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Journaling: Health & Wellness Resolutions for the New Year

Mental health is just as important as physical health. A popular mental health tool that's regained popularity in the past year has been journaling. Here are some prompts and journals that can help you put your thoughts down on paper.


What are your key desires for the year? What do you really want? WHY do want these things in your life? What will they bring you? What will it mean to you? What will your life look like, and feel like, when your receive these things in your life?


Denik Custom Notebooks

Denik was created to help support artists. In addition, a portion of each sale of these notebooks goes to opening schools in 3rd world countries. Since 2011, the Denik Movement has successfully funded 5 schools: 2 in Mali, 1 in Guatemala, 1 in Laos, and 1 in Ghana.

All of the notebooks have a great feeling cover and quality construction. They lay flat and are easy to write in. They are available in blank, lined, and dot grid inside pages and a full color cover.


To make room for the new life to come, you have to clear out whatever is still holding you back. What do you need to finally clear out of your life?



JournalBooks is known as "America's Premier Journal Innovator" and is highly regarded throughout the promotional products industry as the category leader of custom journals and notebooks. JournalBooks and Timeplanner Calendars have won numerous industry awards for decorating, imprinting, and custom products. Today more US businesses and corporations choose JournalBooks, making it the largest producer of journals in the nation.

With a myriad of stock soft and hard cover options, your favorite notebook is in here. Journalbooks are also fully customizable inside and out, offering die cut covers, back pockets, and custom filler pages (including coupons and paid advertisements).


What do you feel really hopeful about in the year ahead?


Custom Color Journals & Notebooks

Full color journals with no minimum order and free personalization. This gives you the ultimate freedom to customize each journal for the recipient. These are available in 2 sizes each of hard cover, soft cover, and wire bound, with the ability to add up to 12 full color pages inside. This would be great for trade shows, conventions, and events, in person or virtual, with the program, schedule, maps, etc. included in the journal.


Where do you see transformation occurring in your life? What feels like it’s ready to shift & transform right now?


Chameleon Like Bookbound Journals

This line of journals has great retail options, including bright colors, matching pens and box sets, and colorful edge printing. Add more to your message with a full color belly band, in addition to multiple imprint options on the cover and full color inserts.


Name one thing that's holding you back right now. Write down the first 3-5 things that come to mind surrounding this part of your life. List off the stories you've gotten into the habit of thinking and telling yourself about this. Listen closely for things like, "I never..." "I always..." "I can't..." "I need to..."


Bonus tip: Our owner, Michelle, often journals before bed to release the troubles of the day, making sure to end on a positive note.

What are your journal ideas? We can help you with creating the perfect journal for you, your customers, your colleagues, or your friends. Email us at or call us at 512-975-2012.

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