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Vaccination Awareness Products

Encourage your clients and employees to get their Covid-19 vaccination by offering products that show they've gotten their shot.


Stickers are great for clinic and vaccination centers to give out as the shots are given. 1000 stock roll labels are $104.00. As few as 50 stock stickers are available at $75.

Vaccination Card Holders

Keeping track of your vaccination record card is super important right now. Make sure your card is kept protected with a plastic holder. Custom card holders are $202.50 for 250 holders.


Great for events, not just when the vaccine is given, but also to prove that the attendees have been vaccinated for everyone's safety. 100 debossed silicone bands are $107, with generous discounts for higher quantities. (Lower quantities also available.)


Another great way to advertise that you've gotten your vaccine to reassure the people around you. 100 1" buttons are $48, with discounts for larger quantities. Larger buttons are also available.

Lapel Pins

Possibly the most commemorative way to show that you've gotten your vaccine. 100 7/8" stock lapel pins are $366. Quantity discounts and larger sizes available.

As more people are getting vaccinated, quick and easy ways to show those around you that you've gotten your shots will be helpful. Restaurants, bars, and events will start to admit more people the more they know people are vaccinated.

Contact us for more information on these items for your organization at or 512-975-2012.

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