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Zoom Backgrounds

As we continue to work from home, the definition of professionalism has changed. It's no longer about whether you're wearing pants, and more about what could be seen behind you. Does a messy kitchen, the children's toys all over the floor, or whatever it is the dog is doing, make an impact on how your customers and coworkers perceive you?

There are 3 ways to make your background more professional, and you can use it as a resource to showcase your business.

Zoom Virtual Background with a Green Screen

A piece of solid color fabric will work fine, with a nice light. I use a piece of chroma green cloth.

Portable pop up green screens work well too.

You can choose one of the stock backgrounds, or import your own picture or video.

Zoom Virtual Background without a green screen

If you can't use a green screen, Zoom will detect the background area for you based on movement and distance from the camera. A good light still helps with this.

You can still use your own custom background, with or without animation.

Custom Printed Physical Background

Sometimes practical effects are the best. A custom printed cloth gives you a nice background and can be used for other applications. Of course, Gebo Promo can provide you with a physical background complete with design too.

How to set up a Virtual Background in Zoom

You can find the Virtual Background options under "Settings."

Gebo Promo can help you find the right option for you. Shoot us an email at or call us at (512) 975-2012

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