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Emergency Preparedness

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

(This is the first post in our emergency preparedness series. See the second post here: More Emergency Supplies.)

In Texas last week, we had extreme weather that knocked out many of our utilities and made us realize how unprepared for a natural disaster we all were.

Companies and organizations are looking at ways they can give back to the community and help people recover. Many people are stocking up on supplies to be better prepared for future emergencies. This is a great chance to offered imprinted items to show that you care for your customers and employees while they stock up.

Hand Sanitizer

We're still in a pandemic after all. Without clean water, or running water at all, it's still important to guard against Covid-19 and other diseases.

In addition, with every 8 oz hand sanitizer purchased, we will donate a 1 oz sanitizer to homeless shelters and other charities in need.


While growlers are often used to take out beer from breweries, they're also great for storing water. When water was restored in some parts of the city but not others, many breweries were offering clean drinking water for anyone who brought their own container. Growlers can also be used to store water for future use.

Paper Plates and Bowls

In the middle of a disaster, the last thing you want to do is dishes. That's made even harder without clean water to wash them in. Having disposable dishware and utensils gives one less thing to do during a very stressful time.

First Aid Kit

Obviously, an essential item to keep around for emergencies.

Lanterns and Flashlights

When the power goes out, the more backup sources of light you have around, the better. LEDs often give off more light for less power, but it's still a good idea to keep extra batteries around too.


Not only to light candles, but also to light the fireplace on cold nights.

Water Filtration and Sterilization

Some of the newest products on the market focus on making tap water safer.

Battery Powerbanks and Jump Starters

Generators can be dangerous to use in enclosed places. Powerbanks that can recharge your phone for communication during an emergency can be very useful, and many can be used to jump start a car as well.

Promotional products are varied, and choosing items that are relevant and helpful elevates your company's reputation in the receiver's mind. These are some ideas, but there are over one million promotional products available. Gebo Promo can help you find the right products for your goals at no additional charge to you. Give us a call at 512-975-2012 or email to get started.

(This is the first post in our emergency preparedness series. See the second post here: More Emergency Supplies.)

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