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More Emergency Supplies

After our last post (Emergency Preparedness), we kept thinking of more valuable supplies that would come in handy. This time, we're going beyond the winter weather and the unique problems it brought with it, and into being prepared for a variety of situations.

Multi-function Survival Bracelets

Known for being made of useful strong paracord, these bracelets come with a lot of optional functions, such as an emergency knife, fire starter, whistle, compass, SOS light and thermometer. Survival bracelets are essential in any hiking or camping trip.

Emergency Weather Alert Radios

This must have outdoor / emergency tool can be powered in several ways (depending on model): hand crank, solar, USB charging, and/or with replaceable batteries. 1000mAh, 2000mAh, or 4000mAh power banks can be used to charge cell phones and other mobile devices. AM/FM & NOAA weather radio will get you up to date with the latest weather and any hazard situation in your area. Bright and long lasting LED flashlights keep you safe in case of power outage or during camping, backpacking, hiking and any other outdoor activities, and many offer several lighting options. An SOS alarm will get help to you quickly when it is needed.

Car Emergency Tools

In addition to the classic seatbelt cutter and hammer, some car emergency tools also offer flashlights, emergency lights, and magnets for extra usefulness in even the most dire situations.

Can Opener

Wait, a can opener? How is that an emergency tool? Stories have been shared on social media of people who had plenty of canned food in case of an emergency, and an electric can opener, therefore no way of opening the can without power. Sometimes it's the simplest tools that can be the most useful.


Like Leatherman and Swiss Army knives, multitools are possibly one of the most popular emergency item giveaways. The list of tools available are nearly endless. Even the most simple credit card multitool can cover a wide array of duties including ruler, wrench, bottle opener, a serrated edge, scoring point, nail puller/staple remover, flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, and more.

Basically, if it's an item you keep in your emergency shelter, preparedness supplies, or bug-out bag, it's likely something you can get with an imprint on it. The next time you're considering items for employee appreciation, loyalty programs, swag or giveaways, consider something with an additional use. Your recipients will appreciate it as much as you appreciate their business! And of course, shoot us an email at or call us at 512-975-2012, and we can find the perfect promotional product for you!

(This is the second post in our emergency preparedness series. See the first post here: Emergency Preparedness.)

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